Gato Sano Aperitivos Catnip Caramelo De Azúcar Lamiendo La Nutrición De La Energía De La Pelota De Juguete Gatos Gatitos Aumento De Beber Mascota Suppliestoy Dropship

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100% new quality.

Made of qualified materials, high quality, safe and harmless.

Practical design, low price and high cost performance.

Meet the pet's interests and health needs.

It is the first choice for keeping pets.

Styling: spherical candy

Ingredients: catnip + fish gelatin

Weight: 12g

Size: 3.8cm*3.8cm*3.8cm

Candy size: 2cm*2cm*1cm


This cat candy is very nutritious and is perfect for cats.

Its ingredients are catnip and fish gelatin.

Fish gelatin contains high levels of collagen, various vitamins and trace elements needed by many cats to meet the

health and nutritional needs of cats.

Catnip can make the cat happy, increase the amount of water, and promote the cat to spit out the hair ball.

There is adhesive tape behind the base of the candy, which can be fixed on the table legs, chair legs, the ground, etc.,

to facilitate the cat lick.

At the same time, it also comes with a plastic cover to prevent the cat from indulging in it and not eating cat food.

If you have or plan to have a cute cat.Then for the health and nutritional needs of cats, you should buy this cat candy

for your cat.

Package Included:

1*Fixed cat healthy nutrition candy

  • Juguetes De Tipo: Juguetes Para Masticar
  • Estilo: esférica dulces
  • Candy tamaño: 2 cm*2 cm*1 cm
  • Material: Otros
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • tamaño: 3.8cm*3.8cm*3.8cm
  • El Paquete Incluye: 1*se ha Corregido gato nutrición saludable dulces
  • Es El Dispositivo Inteligente: No
  • Peso: 12g